Sonia's Agents

Sonia Gandhi, the fountain head of rampant corruption in India, for the past three decades has cultivated & planted agents, not only in the government, but in political parties, NGOs, Private Sector etc.

Obviously most of them are from Congress and their names are well known in the public domain. This blog is an attempt to bring out the non-Congress hidden agents or moles of Sonia, cultivated for the past 15 years.

As our Nation is facing a crucial election Parliament on April-May 2014, We are a small group of Indian Nationals spread across the globe feel these dubious persons should be exposed before the Indians. We have to identify them and should not be fools again like what happened to NDA’s first Government, where several moles of Sonia Gandhi infiltrated & continue to create serious damage.

The BJP, with Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate is on his way to take over the mantle of the Government & is all set to emerge as the arch enemy of Sonia. Frustrated Sonia Gandhi, is all out to do her dirty tricks through her hidden Agents to collapse Narendra Bhai’s chances of becoming Prime Minister of India.

Who are these hidden Agents of Sonia Gandhi? This list, as well as info on hidden agents will be updated frequently as and when we get inputs. Readers are welcome to provide inputs. You can tweet us your views to the handle @soniasagents

We will attempt to provide as much information as possible, without jeopardising sources & trace back. The attempt is to bring as much information as possible. The rest is left to the reader to believe this or not.

We will be naming them, one by one, in blog posts below

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Agent # 2 - Aruna Roy

Agent # 2. Aruna Roy

Aruna Roy is one of Sonia’s trusted lieutenants. A former IAS officer is now a covert operator of Sonia Gandhi and one of the main mentors of great dramatist - Arvind Kejriwal. Sonia rightly placed friend Aruna Roy in National Advisory Council to dictate the democratically elected Government’s Cabinet.  Aruna Roy is the chief interlocutor for Sonia with Left parties, Maoists, Naxals and dubious NGOs working with foreign money. She is also the President of CPI’s women’s wing National Federation of Women for the past 10 years. Sonia meets CPI’s AB Bardhan and CPI(M)’s Sitaram Yechury through this dubious covert agent Aruna Roy.


To block BJP’s rise after the explosion of 2G Spectrum Scam in late 2010, Aruna Roy and Arch Bishop Vincent Concessao (Founder member of IAC) floated the fake anti-corruption movement with her disciples like Arvind Kejriwal. This gang cleverly diverted the focus on UPA’s corruptions and loot of the country to a theoretical JanLokpal Bill. In February 2011, there was a meeting of NGOs were secretly arranged by Aruna Roy and Arch Bishop Vincent Concessao in Mizoram to stage protests in Jantar Mantar in April under the banner of India Against Corruption.  Ministry of Home Affairs under P Chidambaram was instructed to shut their eyes when huge money from Ford Foundation, US based Avaaz, NGOs from Scandinavian countries were pumped into India Against Corruption, totally controlled by Arvind Kejriwal.

Aruna was of course the member of Sonia’s NAC twice & she quit twice for specific tasks assigned by Sonia. Aruna Roy quit the NAC just in time for AAP to start peaking, by stirring up a controversy that the PM is obstructing SOCIAL SCHEMES, but defending her benefactor Sonia Gandhi. Here are some additional links

Ofcourse the media has helped her further the cause of these devious plans.

Aruna Roy with SP Udaykumar
In addition she wanted to ensure that Anna Hazare’s JanLokPal bill is diluted/blunted & UPA’s Lokpal bill gets the limelight. She was ably helped by the compromised Main Stream Media. She conveniently planted her 2 trusted lieutenants Arvind Kejriwal & Prashant Bhushan into Anna’s movement. In this Tehelka interview, Arvind & Prashant are described as her “co-travellers in many fights for social justice”. This can be observed in the Kudankuklam Anti-Nuke protests as well, where Prashant Bhushan supported (In Tamil) – thanks to volunteers, the crux of the interview is that he welcomes S.P Udaykumar in his protests. Not ending there, he also invites Udaykumar to join AAP. Aruna Roy was the main force behind these protests supporting Udaykumar. The connections are not difficult to make.

Aruna Roy is behind several international deals on behalf of Sonia Gandhi. The pattern adopted is made to be democratic to the public but the motives are clearly not. If Sonia wants anything, she will have Aruna Roy stage Dharnas by friendly NGOs. Aruna Roy will demand whatever Sonia wants and through this clever ploy. Sonia will then force the unfortunate poodle Mr. Manmohan Singh to implement, backed fake surveys conducted through her disciples like Yogendra Yadav and Arvind Kejriwal.

NGOs of Aruna Roy and Arvind Kejriwal bribes select journalists through fellowships and monthly retainer fee for floating their ideas. English journalists mostly accept money through foreign fellowships and Hindi and Regional language journalists accept money directly through monthly payments. Most of the resumes of these so called secular editors and journalists covering Women-Dalit-Minority-Rural RTI beats, exposes these kinds of foreign fellowships covered by Defense-Home Ministry jaunts. It is a known secret (sic!) that RAW and IB provides foreign fellowships to good boys and girls covering External-Defence-Home Ministry covering journalists.

Point to Note: Incidentally it was LK Advani during his Home Minister’s role, avoided some 100 such foreign funding NGOs from mandatory registration under FCRA and Regulations. This enabled dubious foreign organisations to pump money into India through these sponsored jaunts & “learning” trips.

As explained earlier, the objective of this blog is to trigger debate & thought among people. We are providing you with a starting point. Now use your skills & seek more information on these moles we expose. Please provide any information in the comment section below. This is OUR DUTY not a single person or small team’s duty.  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Agent # 1: Arch Bishop Vincent Concessao

Agent No. 1

Arch Bishop Vincent Concessao

Arch Bishop Vincent Concessao

Arch Bishop Vincent Concessao - He was the head of India’s highest Christian Body, CBCI – Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India – for decades. This jet-setting priest from South Karnataka was Sonia Gandhi’s friend, philosopher & guide for more than 3 decades. 

Oscar Fernandez
Sonia’s henchman & Congress leader Oscar Fernandez was implanted into INC by Vincent Concessao.  Obviously Quattorocchi was also a member in the league of this Priest.

Christian Conversions
Being a globe trotter, he was a big money launderer & acted as a link between many Western NGOs, to pump money for Christian Conversion activities in India. He also floated a dangerous idea of Christian-Islam united activities to harm the Hindu interests globally. Tasting the plush money, for which he had no dearth of, he was an interlocutor for many big government contracts, no matter who ever come to power. This priest was also in the backroom operations of floating human rights activism and surrogate support to Maoists, Naxals to promote conversion of Tribal people to Christianity.  

The bishop is a member of the "National Integration Council", which is nothing but a body, sponsored by the government, under the leadership of the Prime Minister. They have been advocating tough action against "Hindu Organisations". & Needless to say, the bishop also has his very close ally, Mr John Dayal, who is also the member of National Advisory Council & this is what John Dayal has posted on the "Communal Violence Bill" see & read the transcript of this well choreographed interview with Karan Thapar on Devil's Advocate (sic!). The questions that Karan lobs at Mr. Concessao are far too obvious & have a clear target to undermine Hindu Organisations & the political parties aligned with the hindu ideology. 

This bishop (sic!) is behind many attempts to denigrate Hindu gods  & one such example is "Satyadarshini", which he "vehemently" denies any association with, through a planted question. This magazine says

It says Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the victims of lust. It says Vishnu’s daughter Urvashi was a prostitute. It says Krishna represents darkness, rather than light.

He & his cohorts in Church of South India & other christian organisations across India gloated over the defeat of BJP spewing utter lies (not sure how they're going to get salvation, lying in the name of their god) like this:

Sherly Isaac, editor of the Church of South India publication Good News, stated the eight years of BJP rule had been harsh for rural Christians as Hindu militants sought to eradicate the Church. “Many Christians were killed and many were burnt alive.”

Not sure why the Indian Main Stream Liberal media, doesnt confront him on his views on "Europe is bankrupt as regards to moral values", obviously referring to same sex marriages etc. 

Its ironic that he talks about money stashed away in Swiss Banks & how it needs to be brought back to India for "christian purposes".

Jan Lok Pal Movement
Rt.Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas, Archbishop of Delhi Vincent Concessao, Swami Agnivesh, Mr.Roy Paul IAS Retd., Ramban M.S.Skariah Cor Episcopa of Orthodox Church, Rev. T.S. Thomas
During the Anna Hazare led Jan Lokpal Movement in early 2011, Vincent Concessao infiltrated into the movement and made the so called anti-corruption crusaders as "heroes" by urging the UPA Government to make then a Joint Committee with these so called crusaders, including traitors like Swami(sic!) Agnivesh and Cabinet Ministers. This was clever attempt to isolate and block the surging BJP wave. Sonia’s main agent in BJP who will be name later (readers are welcome to make their guess) also a played a dirty & dangerous game to give party’s official support to this doubtful "Jan Lokpal" movement. Why then would this agent along with Left, go to Jantar Mantar to debate on BJP’s stand, on these so-called newly born anti-corruption crusader?

Sensing this & an imminent danger, the RSS, Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Anna Hazare also rightly intervened and forced withdrawal of their cadre from these dramatic protests in Jantar Mantar.

The company that Anna Hazar Keeps, is an excellent article that you may have missed reading.

We will post more content related to Bishop Vincent Concessa, as & when we can. Its suffice to say from the information provided above, the devious & sinister role that Vincent Concessa plays with plenty of help from other "Sonia's Agents"