Sonia's Agents

Sonia Gandhi, the fountain head of rampant corruption in India, for the past three decades has cultivated & planted agents, not only in the government, but in political parties, NGOs, Private Sector etc.

Obviously most of them are from Congress and their names are well known in the public domain. This blog is an attempt to bring out the non-Congress hidden agents or moles of Sonia, cultivated for the past 15 years.

As our Nation is facing a crucial election Parliament on April-May 2014, We are a small group of Indian Nationals spread across the globe feel these dubious persons should be exposed before the Indians. We have to identify them and should not be fools again like what happened to NDA’s first Government, where several moles of Sonia Gandhi infiltrated & continue to create serious damage.

The BJP, with Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate is on his way to take over the mantle of the Government & is all set to emerge as the arch enemy of Sonia. Frustrated Sonia Gandhi, is all out to do her dirty tricks through her hidden Agents to collapse Narendra Bhai’s chances of becoming Prime Minister of India.

Who are these hidden Agents of Sonia Gandhi? This list, as well as info on hidden agents will be updated frequently as and when we get inputs. Readers are welcome to provide inputs. You can tweet us your views to the handle @soniasagents

We will attempt to provide as much information as possible, without jeopardising sources & trace back. The attempt is to bring as much information as possible. The rest is left to the reader to believe this or not.

We will be naming them, one by one, in blog posts below

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Agent # 3 - Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley is by & large the biggest crook & No.1 agent of Sonia Gandhi in the BJP. He will sell his mother for money. Jaitley was first bribed by P Chidambaram in 1990, when he became Additional Solicitor General to monitor the Bofors case. Apart from Sonia Gandhi, Chidambaram had a hidden agenda in Bofors case. AE Services was the middlemen’s firm in Bofors to route money to Sonia via Quattorocchi. The original promoter of AE Services was none other than Chidambaram’s cousin AC Muthiah. This is the hidden link of Sonia and Chidambaram. 

Look at the fate of Bofors case. Jaitley diluted the Bofors case leading to a collapse of the entire case. After becoming Law Minister, Jaitley put the last nail few nails in the Bofors case. Have you ever heard Jaitley criticising Sonia Gandhi? Jaitley is handled by Sonia Gandhi through Chidambaram. Once Jaitley even landed in Trial Court to defend Chidambaram in mid 90s, when latter was caught for holding Fairgrowth shares in wife’s name and kicked out from PV Narasimha Rao’s Ministry.
Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj were totally mute on the land grabbing of Robert Vadra in Parliament in as much that they united with Congress leaders to sabotage any attempts by Yashwant Sinha to raise the Vadra deals in the Parliament.

Sonia Gandhi hates mainly three leaders of BJP – Narendra Modi, Subramanian Swamy and Nitin Gadkari. These three were the hardliners in BJP for adopting attacking tone on Sonia. This Italian mafia minded lady had used all her dirty tricks on these three leaders with help of her moles in BJP.

Narendra Modi biggest blunder was to associate himself with Jaitley in his legal cases related to Gujarat riots and encounter cases. One needs to think how a few crucial things about Modi were leaked to media? You don’t need to be a genius to understand that these leaks strated slowly but steadily after Jaitley joined the team. Only after the arrival of Ram Jethmalani, in Modi’s legal team did such leaks stop. Jethmalani who have knack of understanding crook people first did was kicking out Jaitley from legal matters of Modi. In return, Jaitley kicked out Jethmalani from BJP with the help of pimp Ananthkumar and LK Advani on silly issues. 

So you wonder how Jaitley leaked info on Modi’s cases? He was the 1st to inform Chidambaram & Sonia’s Operator Ahmed Patel, leading to leakages from CBI & IB to friendly media organisations like Tehelka. Big media houses like Times of India, Hindustan Times and NDTV are literally manipulated by Jaitley, as in many cases he has been their counsel. He helped all these media houses to come out from all cases of Income Tax, FERA violations during NDA regime. It is a known secret that all tax evading corporate retain Jaitley for legal advices and covert operations. In UPA-1, he was arguing all cases of tax evaders and extorting money from them with his unholy friendship with Chidambaram.

Times of India, Hindustan Times, Mail Today, Economic Times, NDTV, Times Now and CNN-IBN owners, editors as well as key journalists of these organisations’ New Delhi bureaus were under the command of Delhi. Don’t think these journalists were doing free service for Jaitley. They all accept favours in cash and kind. All these were managed the Jaitely’s close pal in Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group. He is none other than Tony Jesudasan. You’ll know more about him soon.

Jaitley had his “friends” & close relationships in media to further his campaign against anyone within the party. NDTV is known Congress propaganda machinery. Jethmalani had filed complaints at several forums on the Rs.5000 crore money laundering fraud of NDTV involving P Chidambaram. This is widely explained in Madhu Kishwar’s website Manushi. NDTV is committed to doing all the hit jobs for Congress against the BJP. Even recently after the Sushma tweet fiasco, when the party decided to boycott the channel, it was Jaitley who manipulated the decision and forced the withdrawal of the boycott. Vinod Mehta’s memoir “Lucknow Boy” details how Jaitley stopped BJP from debating Niira Radia tapes in Rajya Sabha. The book says Jaitley was influenced & coerced by Barkha Dutt. Niira Radia tapes also tell us about the proximity of Times Now’s Delhi Bureau Chief Navika Kumar with Jaitley.

What Madhu Kishwar recently Tweeted (sic!) about the 160 Club of BJP is very true. This gang of leaders in BJP Head Quarters are working as per the command of Sonia Gandhi for the past decade. They are the Trojan Horses in BJP to prevent Narendra Modi becoming PM. Sushma Swaraj is also part of this 160 Club, though she quarrel with Jaitley on several issues. Their quarrels are basically for power sharing in Delhi and these two will unite to kick out other leaders from Delhi. All these venomous people like Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj including Ananthkumar, Venkaiha Naidu are propped up by none other than LK Advani. This was strangely picked up by Capt. Amarinder Singh & this is what he said

Capt Amarinder asks Jaitely whether Amritsar counts in BJP’s 160 club

AMRITSAR, March 27: Former Chief Minister and Congress candidate from Amritsar Capt Amarinder Singh today asked his BJP rival Mr Arun Jaitely whether he had included or excluded Amritsar parliamentary constituency from the BJP’s now famous “160 club”.

In a statement issued here today, Capt Amarinder revealed that it was a well-known fact that Mr Jaitely was one of the chief architects of the BJP’s “160 club” which did not want the party to win more than 160 seats to queer pitch for Mr Narendra Modi.

He pointed out, people like Mr Jaitely and few others hope that in case the party got less than 160 seats it will be difficult for Mr Modi to become the PM. “People of Amritsar would like Mr Jaitely to clarify these charges against him”, he said, while adding, “a man who cannot be loyal to his own party and own leader cannot be loyal to people of Amritsar either”.

However, the former Punjab Chief Minister asserted that Mr Jaitely and his club will not need to really work that hard to keep the party tally below 160 and assured him that he would guarantee that BJP will not cross 150 seats even.

The senior Congress leader also had a dig at the Akalis, the self-professed and proclaimed patrons of Mr Jaitely, saying that they were trying to show themselves to be more loyal than the king. He advised the over-excited Akali leaders to better first ask Mr Jaitely whether he was really interested and serious about winning Amritsar lest it subverted his “160 club” plan. “In any case he is not going to win from Amritsar and hence my advice to you is not to try to be more loyal than the king”, he advised the Akalis.

Capt Amarinder said, it was perfectly in accordance with the “160 club” game plan that the senior leaders of the party like Mr LK Advani, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi and Mr Jaswant Singh were humiliated and being pruned out. He also referred to Mr Jaitely’s recent criticism of his own party colleague Mr Jaswant Singh who had given his life and blood to the BJP and was now humiliated so shamelessly without having any respect for their seniority, contribution and long standing association with the party.”

If BJP MP’s tally comes only around 160, these jackals believe they can be propped us as Prime Minister. And Sonia Gandhi has no problem if Advani or Jailtey or Sushma becomes Prime Minister. She only want to block Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.

The RSS started doubting Jaitley by 2005, after the dilution of Citizenship Act to accommodate Sonia Gandhi. But he was so crooked & cunning that he put all the blame on LK Advani and AB Vajpayee. Jaitley started covert actions against RSS and Sangh Parivar with the help of his friendly Finance Minister Chidambaram by plugging the financial help flowing to Hindu Organisations from abroad.  Jaitley wasted no time in screwing RSS when his close friend P Chidambaram became Home Minister.  All of a sudden a word “Hindu Terror” was invented and all the terrorist cases were slapped on RSS supporters. Were the BJP’s Parliamentary leaders Arun Jaitley or Sushma Swaraj or their mentor LK Advani secretly enjoying & goading Chidambaram or UPA Government for inventing the word ‘Hindu Terror’ and placing RSS under tremendous pressure? This is eerily similar to the way they rejoiced, when CBI and IB were doing a witch-hunt on after Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

Only thing one can say is – God will punish the traitor Arun Jaitley soon for this treachery to the organisations which brought him up to this level.

Dr Subramanian Swamy is the other arch rival of Sonia Gandhi. Jaitley tried his best to delay Swamy’s entry in NDA as well as in BJP. It is a known thing that Jaitley was behind the scuttling of Swamy’s ticket to New Delhi. Obviously another Sonia agent in the BJP Parliamentary board, also objected Dr Swamy’s candidature. This was an attempt to scuttle Swamy’s chances in Narendra Modi’s cabinet. Sonia is pretty well knew the consequences of Dr. Swamy in Modi’s cabinet & would not even think of such a risk. It’s obvious that when other sundry, nondescript characters can get a Lok Sabha seat, why was it denied to Dr Swamy?

If the people in BJP, who wait at the ante room of Central Election Committee meeting Hall can be believed, Jailtey and the other Sonia’s Agent even shouted against Swamy’s candidature and even demanded voting on the subject when Nitin Gadkari and Harsh Vardhan argued for Swamy. This was a warning to Narendra Modi that each and every decision of him would be challenged by demanding voting. This goes to show he stranglehold that Sonia Gandhi has on the BJP.
Let us take the case of another BJP leader Nitin Gadkari, who is in the negative list of Sonia Gandhi. Jaitley despised him for his closeness with Narendra Modi. He cheated him by highlighting the so called financial irregularities to friendly media. First Sonia used services of Arvind Kejriwal. That attempt failed. Then came Jaitley’s friendly media house- Times of India Group’s newspaper and TV channel and NDTV. Jaitley used Chidambaram’s help to get all the minor financial issues of Gadkari’s Purti Group, blown out of proportion (not a difficult task for our compromised Media) & put Gadkari out to the wolves.
If the so called financial irregularities were serious problems, then why are these people & media so quiet on Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi’s grabbing of Rs.5000cr worth properties of National Herald?  Jaitley friendly media talked about the some fictitious addresses of Gadkari’s companies. Well, in the case of the company captured by Sonia & Rahul,  99 percent of the addresses of shareholders were either wrong/falsified OR persons were no more. The Herald case was exposed by Dr. Swamy and he is fighting it alone in courts. When Swamy exposed this issue, next day morning Jaitley conducted a press conference in Shimla to divert the issue by asking some silly questions on political parties’ power to grant funds to companies. This fraud Jaitley never uttered a word on Sonia Gandhi & how she illegally obtained the ownership. Here are some links to the softball questions he raised. You can google for more.

1. - Here he says “…if the Congress party were to say that what Swamy has alleged was wrong then the matter ends” 

2. - How he shameless throws a softball question on “party funding” when the issue is of larger nature

When RSS put all their support behind Gadkari’s second term as BJP President, Jaitley played a master stroke. He used service of Finance Minister Chidambaram to send Income Tax notice to Gadkari on the very day of BJP meeting. Then Jaitley’s friendly media jumped on BJP’s morality of appointing “tainted” Gadkari. Then came the return of pliable Rajnath Singh, who is aptly described by Arun Shourie as “Alice in Blunderland” and Tarzan and Humpty Dumpty.

It is a well know gossip that Rajnath is blackmailed on regular basis by Jaitley using services of Chidambaram and Ahmed Patel, by showing government dossiers on the financial irregularities of Pankaj Singh, his son, who has many businesses.
In summation, this is what is said in New Delhi Political Circles..

“If you meet Arun jaitley & shake hands, please check if you have all your 10 finger intact.”

He must be exposed & booted out of BJP. Sooner the better


  1. I also suspect him. Look how he talks bout the bjp's chances in electios. He never talks bout mojority or 272 . He always talks bout getting as many seats above 200. As if he himself doesnt believe in it.

  2. It is too complicated to believe all this.