Sonia's Agents

Sonia Gandhi, the fountain head of rampant corruption in India, for the past three decades has cultivated & planted agents, not only in the government, but in political parties, NGOs, Private Sector etc.

Obviously most of them are from Congress and their names are well known in the public domain. This blog is an attempt to bring out the non-Congress hidden agents or moles of Sonia, cultivated for the past 15 years.

As our Nation is facing a crucial election Parliament on April-May 2014, We are a small group of Indian Nationals spread across the globe feel these dubious persons should be exposed before the Indians. We have to identify them and should not be fools again like what happened to NDA’s first Government, where several moles of Sonia Gandhi infiltrated & continue to create serious damage.

The BJP, with Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate is on his way to take over the mantle of the Government & is all set to emerge as the arch enemy of Sonia. Frustrated Sonia Gandhi, is all out to do her dirty tricks through her hidden Agents to collapse Narendra Bhai’s chances of becoming Prime Minister of India.

Who are these hidden Agents of Sonia Gandhi? This list, as well as info on hidden agents will be updated frequently as and when we get inputs. Readers are welcome to provide inputs. You can tweet us your views to the handle @soniasagents

We will attempt to provide as much information as possible, without jeopardising sources & trace back. The attempt is to bring as much information as possible. The rest is left to the reader to believe this or not.

We will be naming them, one by one, in blog posts below

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Update on Agent # 3 : Arun Jaitley

 While Shri Narendra Modi & his team are busy exposing Vadra & his land deals in the past few days, you may have noticed that Arun Jaitley had started to soft pedal the issue about 4 days back itself. He said the following

As soon as he said this, pictures of him enjoying an IPL match also showed up showing his coziness with the Damaad

In the next few days he has been sending out feelers to Priyanka Vadra via the media not to make personal attacks on Modi, which has fallen into deaf ears.

Agreeing that “personal issues” should not be raked up, BJP leader Arun Jaitley said, “issues of probity are public issues. They are not personal issues.” He was apparently referring to allegations relating to land deals against Mr. Vadra.
Mr. Jaitley said he was glad that Ms. Priyanka has made a statement on Mr. Vadra and “I only hope her immediate family and her party heeds to her advice.”

But Modi hasn’t stopped targeting the Damaad & continued raising the corruption issues against him, prompting Priyanka to go berserk

The entire congress team have gone nuts over metaphorical statements made in political rallies to convert them to “hate speech” & “sexist remarks” ably helpd by the media

Today the BJP has released a documentary on Damaad & his deals

Which the main stream media conveniently ignored

While all this is going on, Tony Jesudasan, Sonia’s Agent # 10, spoke to the Jains on Times of India group & arranged for a “softball” interview with Arnab Goswami under the “Frankly Speaking” banner. This hurried up interview which was thrust upon the hapless Arnab, is so blatantly a “white glove” treatment by Arnab, that it lacked the usual drama, fieriness in these interviews by Arnab. This is obviously been arranged to position Arun Jaitley as FM. This will not only mean business as usual for big corporates but also ensures that no serious prosecution for the deeds by the big corporates are taken up by the Finance Ministry. In return, these big corporations will lobby hard for Arun Jaitley to be made the Finance Minister, ably helped by Ravi Shankar (SAHARA) Prasad as Law Minister

Please see this link from Sushil modi’s website that’s a  classic case of planting by Arun Jaitley in Financial Times on- Five potential Finance Ministers...1st he pitches himself, then Shourie, then Yashwant, then Sushil Modi and lastly Narendra Modi

He threw in Shourie just for the heck of it as a decoy in the mix. This is a clear attempt to keep Subramanian Swamy away from the probables, as he’s known for this tough stance against the looting corporates & his clear identity as the anti-corruption crusader. Dr Swamy is a clear favourite of the Social Media to become the next finance minister, to bring all these crooks to the books. No wonder big corporates, especially the Ambanis are seriously worried over the prospects of him becoming the next Finance Minister. Having succeeded in scuttling the plans of a Lok Sabha seat for Dr Swamy, they want to ensure that he’s not given this critical portfolio as well. One can expect more attacks on Dr Swamy in the coming weeks by the media.

The very same Arun Jaitley cried hoarse about Capt. Amarinder’s comment on Jagdish Tytler, as if he was holier than thou. But, his very close aide & associate, Mukul Rohtagi, is the one who was defending Jagdish Tytler & Sajjan Kumar, in the 1984 riot case.


  1. I am told AJ will be FINMIN What mockery!! Feel pity for Modi!

  2. How about Sushma Swaraj through her husband?

  3. By and large the assessment is correct, But if Advaniand Sushma could not do anything wrong to Modi Jaitely is a small fish. A large political party is bound to have such black sheep but ultimately it is these people who suffer.